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Twilight Kingdom by Lisa Gerrard

One of my favorite musicians, Lisa Gerrard, has just come out with a new release titled `Twilight Kingdom' which I just have to take a moment to write about. Though to many she is known for her work with Hans Zimmer on the Gladiator soundtrack, I first knew of her from her amazing work prior to that as one half of the duo known as Dead Can Dance (Brendan Perry being the other half).

Dead Can Dance was for many years, and still remains, one my absolute favorite musical acts of all time and has had an immeasurable influence on me, artistically and otherwise (as has Lisa's solo work).

Lisa Gerrard is of course known for her unique and amazing voice and singing in her own "invented language". She also plays various instruments most notably the yangqin.

'Twilight Kingdom' is an amazingly beautiful release with some tracks that are as great and moving as anything she has ever done (which is saying quite a lot). I was completely mesmerized on my first listen (and my second and third and...).

The track 'Seven Seas' (which you can sample by watching the video below) gives only a taste of this masterful release by Lisa Gerrard.