I have been interested in creating art for as long as I can remember. As a child I was always drawing. Having grown up on a steady stream of comic books, science-fiction and fantasy, my imagination became an important refuge.  Years later, when I became interested in photography, I was more interested in creating work that was imaginative and expressive, rather than just being a mirror of a strict objective reality. To me, self expression came from experimentation in the darkroom.

However, I came to a point where what was in my head far outpaced what was possible in an analog darkroom and I eventually gravitated toward digital techniques. It soon became apparent that the digital medium allowed me to more easily combine photography with the other mediums of my “roots”, such as drawing and painting.

Presently, my work is created by digital painting and/or photo-manipulation and often combined with other elements such as, traditional painting mediums, India-ink, drawing, 3D rendering, textures and other elements; all of which are combined through digital media. My work is informed by a variety of interests and many influences. In it, I seek to create imagery that conveys mood, emotion or metaphor that speaks to the subconscious or simply leaves an emotional impression that allows room for the imagination of the viewer to interpret their own personal meaning, feelings or ideas.




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