Notes 9.13.16: Time (or the Lack Thereof) and the Birth and Death of a Series

I have too many ideas and too many pieces I wish to work on and too little spare time to work on them. I need a wealthy patron.

Despite there being a couple of additions to the Vanitas series in the works, I have not been able to progress with that series in quite some time. And now, as often becomes the case with me, I am thinking of changing my original intent of that series and possibly the name along with it– or scrapping it entirely and just starting a new series altogether to take its place…

Work in progress (detail)

Work in progress (detail)

I have eclectic tastes and inspirations, and a shifting interest in exploring different ideas…but unfortunately not enough time to delve into all of them. Not fully. Not in the way that I wish. Which means, unfortunately, some things get put on the shelf for long periods of time, or just abandoned entirely. I seem to always want to explore several series ideas at once. I guess I like the idea of a series, generally speaking. To explore a concept or visual language in depth; letting it evolve "organically" over time.  But not having enough time to fully explore some of them, or give them equal attention, means that some series evolve very slowly…or I lose interest.

Of course this hasn’t dissuaded me from the two new series’ I am currently working on starting…